Eaton House Belgravia’s boys enjoy their lunch in two light, bright, state-of-the-art dining rooms – one is designed as an underwater theme, complete with fish, sharks, giant turtles and fast facts to make the boys think! The other is a serene Italian vista, complete with trees and balustrades.

Whichever dining room the boys enter, they will find a clean and calm space in which to sit with their friends. Our aim is to make eating a pleasant communal experience, a genuine time to refresh and relax.

At Eaton House Belgravia we work hard to provide boys with healthy, delicious food that they really look forward to eating. Allergies are taken seriously and boys have cards that alert staff to any problems they might have with dairy, gluten or other substances. We are a strictly nut-free site but we offer delicious vegetarian options to our pupils daily.

Alternatives can always be found to accommodate children’s individual requirements, which might include, for example, dairy-free and gluten-free diets, and we work with parents to ensure that children are perfectly provided for.

We pride ourselves on serving fresh, tasty food to the boys in partnership with our supplier, Holroyd Howe. A typical main meal might consist of garlic-and-thyme-roast chicken thighs with sage-and-onion stuffing and gravy; pasta bar spaghetti with bolognaise sauce, garlic bread, olives and parmesan; or mild Mexican chilli con carne with salsa, sour cream and guacamole. On Fridays we often have a fish option, which is called the catch of the day, served with lemon and tartare sauce. A gluten-free fish special is also offered.

As an alternative, jacket or sweet potatoes with a range of fillings are always available, and a there is a vegetarian option. Typical vegetarian options are butternut squash, spinach and feta bake with cherry tomatoes, red onion and stock; bean-and-vegetable enchiladas baked with smoked tomato sauce and cheddar; stir-fried sweet-and-sour Quorn vegetables; or vegetable bean burger served in a soft bap with chef’s themed toppings and sides.

A vegetable side dish might be roast potatoes and roasted root vegetables, or, accompanying an oriental dish, vegetable egg noodles and wok-fried greens. In addition, there is always a full salad bar with a range of fresh and delicious salads for the boys to choose from to complement their choice, together with fresh bread.

Boys are offered a small dessert to finish their meal. Examples include banana cake and toffee cream; ‘yoghurt station’ of natural and flavoured yoghurts with fruit compote, honey, seeds and dried and fresh fruit; and apple-and-cinnamon crumble with custard. Each dessert is just a couple of bites but it is a nice treat! Fresh water accompanies each meal.

Every boy is encouraged to eat whatever he chooses from the selection, to chat with friends and the teachers on his table and to enjoy a welcome respite from his busy day.

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