Eaton House Belgravia Nursery is co-educational and a hive of constant activity where children are happy, busy and curious to learn. We empower all our children to be bright and independent learners, aiming to prepare them to be completely ‘school ready’.

Our littlest pupils enjoy a dedicated, educative environment in a wonderfully light and spacious mansion house nursery. Most of our Nursery boys pass straight on into Eaton House Belgravia Pre-Prep School. Each year, Eaton House Belgravia Pre-Prep boys achieve some of the best 7+ and 8+ results in London, with around 60% of leavers achieving offers to Westminster Under or St Paul’s Junior School, amongst many other fine schools.

The Nursery boys are well prepared for the academic rigours of the Pre-Prep and are completely relaxed about ‘big school’ because they are in the same building, so entry via this route is a popular option.

Applying for a Place

Boys and girls usually join the nursery the September following their second birthday, but can also join at a later date.

Please contact Sam Feilding on or call on 020 3917 5050 to arrange a visit to the nursery or to register your child.

Despite the premium on our Nursery places at rising three, it is always worth enquiring if spots are available mid-year, as we do have occasional places due to relocation and are always happy to help if we can.

We passionately believe that every child is unique, and so is their learning journey. At Eaton House Belgravia Nursery, every child is challenged at their own level. The children are busy little bees and a timetable geared to learning ensures that they soon pass all their educational milestones and soar ahead confidently.

The sky is the limit on their individual learning as they curiously explore the world about them through play, technology, and state-of-the-art teaching aids. There is a kitchen corner, a dressing up rack and a special tented area for story time and quieter moments. There is also an activity mat and tables for drawing and other activities as well as an interactive whiteboard that the children love to play on.

Learning Goals

Individual and small group work allows us to constantly differentiate between Nursery pupils, bringing each on at his or her own rate. To help with this, there are many activities on offer, from sports and swimming to IT, drama, design and linguistic and numerical development.

Each week, learning goals are set out for parents, with a ‘focus of the week’, and there is a lovely and welcoming interaction for parents and carers at pick-up and drop-off, where anything may be freely discussed.

Eaton House Belgravia has a family feeling because we pride ourselves on an open-door policy that allows effective communication with parents. In fact, the Nursery is situated next to the Pre-Prep library and all the Pre-Prep boys make a great fuss of the Nursery children whenever they come into contact with them!

Dining Facilities

Lunchtime is spent in one of two school dining rooms. One is brightly decorated ‘sea room’ with turtles, fish and other underwater creatures. The other is a pretty and inviting Italian vista. The Nursery children love lining up to take their choice of a number of nutritious meals available and clearing their trays away after eating communally. It is all part of their learning journey and it helps them to develop good eating habits, table manners and conversation. It follows that staff are fully aware of all the allergy requirements of their little charges and both they and the kitchen staff are extremely vigilant about what is served.

Group Activities

All the children take part in our annual Nativity play, and throughout the year we also have smaller performances. This encourages all our children to be confident and expressive communicators and to work well in teams. Parents love to come and see these performances, in which each Nursery child is given his or her moment to shine.

The ability to express yourself clearly and openly is a key skill when transitioning to the fast-paced and academic Pre-Prep. Teamwork is also highly prized, with many Pre-Prep classroom activities involving competitions as part of the learning process.

At Eaton House Belgravia Nursery each child is supported and encouraged, gaining independence and confidence. Above all, the headmaster believes that Belgravia Nursery should be a magical and happy place where children have the freedom to explore, discover and express their personalities, ready to transition confidently to their next stage.

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