Why Choose Us?

Eaton House Schools suggest a common promise – the promise of an outstanding education for your child based on a 125 year heritage of academic excellence and founded on a caring culture of wellbeing that allows children to blossom both academically and emotionally on a non-selective entry at 4+.

Pupils in both Belgravia and Clapham receive a range of scholarships and attend many prestigious schools, including Westminster, St Paul’s School, Dulwich College, James Allen’s Girls’ School (JAGS), Charterhouse, Winchester, Wycombe Abbey and Eton.

We have an unashamedly aspirational culture –whether in academics, music, sport, drama or any other endeavour – where there is a place for every single child to shine. All Eaton House Schools’ children are immersed in a rich world of creativity, extra-curricular clubs, trips and value-added extras that are designed to support their learning and to help them to achieve their full potential.

What Others Say About Us

The 2023 edition of the Good Schools Guide, comments that Eaton House Belgravia is “Academically ambitious yet very personalised’. Best suited to those with academic drive, but its nurturing environment helps each boy to find their path, adding real value for all abilities.”

Eaton House Belgravia

Eaton House Belgravia was inspected by The Ofsted Independent School in 2018. We were graded good with areas of outstanding.

“The headteacher ensures that pupils receive a consistently good quality of education. He has high expectations of himself, staff and pupils. Staff value the strong leadership he provides.”


"Well-mannered and friendly team players who all have a healthy appetite for learning a variety of new skills. Eaton House boys always make a welcome addition to every cohort."
Mr Seth Bolderow, Headmaster of Wetherby Senior School
"Eaton House and Westminster Under encourage boys to involve themselves widely in all aspects of school life. Both schools cherish personal qualities that enhance their communities. What a good fit!"
Mr O'Donnell, The Master of Westminster Under School

Good Schools Guide

“The school is comprised of two immense, linked cream town houses on several levels. The basement houses the kitchen, dining rooms, staff room, some individual music lesson rooms and a well-used science lab where boys enthusiastically carry out experiments and make discoveries.”

Good Schools Guide review for Belgravia Pre-Prep

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