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"The pace is fast and there is an expectation that everyone will join in and accept challenges; excellent preparation for the top academic prep schools they are aiming for. ‘We are slightly quirky’ and the school is not purpose-built or manicured but full of energetic, interesting boys… Boys and staff muck in and this works a treat, as the boys are clearly happy."

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Belgravia Pre-Prep

"Well-mannered and friendly team players who all have a healthy appetite for learning a variety of new skills. Eaton House boys always make a welcome addition to every cohort."

Mr Seth Bolderow
Headmaster of Wetherby Senior School 2018

"Eaton House and Westminster Under encourage boys to involve themselves widely in all aspects of school life. Both schools cherish personal qualities that enhance their communities. What a good fit!"

Mr O'Donnell
The Master of Westminster Under School 2018

"Traditional 3Rs curriculum with a focus on developing every child's abilities, both academic and non-academic. No streaming and class sizes are kept small to ensure lots of individual attention."

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Belgravia Prep






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