School Life

Eaton House Belgravia is housed in two large, linked Georgian townhouses in the historic heart of Central London, where our distinctive green and red uniforms are a familiar sight to locals. Our school is formed of a Boys’ Pre-Prep, Boys’ Prep, and co-educational Nursery.

Day to day, our school bustles with activity. Pupils are busy with a dynamic academic curriculum and have many opportunities for trips and extension activities outside of the classroom. Parents choose Eaton House Belgravia because we tailor our teaching to the kinesthetic learning style of our boys. Many scientific studies have shown that as early as a few months old, boys’ brains are pre-disposed to spatial reasoning, whilst the area of the brain that handles verbal reasoning develops faster in girls. We avoid the ‘look, copy, forget’ method of teaching, in favour of immersive lessons that allow the boys to understand complex and challenging concepts in practical situations. Our pupils are intelligent, bright and curious with a variety of talents that we strive to nurture – academic, sporting, artistic, dramatic and musical pursuits are all encouraged.

Pupil wellbeing is of the utmost importance at Eaton House Belgravia. We prioritise the mental health of our pupils, because we know that happy children achieve great results. The boys benefit from an excellent network of pastoral care, in which it is emphasised that not only should staff look after the boys, but that the boys should look after each other. On joining the school, new pupils are assigned an older boy to act as a ‘buddy’, guiding them through the start of their journey at Eaton House Belgravia. This, in addition to dedicated form teachers and an extensive wellbeing hub, ensures that every child can flourish emotionally as well as academically.

We know that for children of prep age and younger, their world is primarily formed of home and school, and so it is vital for there to be strong communication between the two. We therefore extend a warm welcome to the families of our boys; parents and carers are invited to come into school and touch base with teachers every day.

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