The Arts

At this age pastoral care is exceptionally important. When you hand over your child to us each morning, we spend time listening and try to make the transition as smooth as possible. Most of our teachers are parents and can fully sympathise with leaving your child or teary drop-offs.

Each child is supported and encouraged throughout their time in the Nursery, gaining independence and confidence along the way. Quieter children will be given extra care and attention.

Face Painting and Makeover

Face painting isn’t just lots of fun but also a great learning experience. There is a great potential that face painting is a creative way to support and develop children’s learning opportunities. Designing their own masks and painting faces enhances play activities and help developing children’s creative skills.

Dress-up Play

It’s always fun to do dress-up plays with your friends at school. Dress-up plays help with brain-building, vocabulary, confidence and emotional development in children.

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