Eaton House The Manor’s pupils enjoy their lunch in two light, bright, state-of-the-art dining rooms. They have large windows and long tables where they can sit with all their friends and the teachers who join them.

At Eaton House we work hard to provide pupils with healthy, delicious food that they look forward to eating. Allergies are taken seriously and pupils have cards that alert staff to any problems they might have with dairy, gluten or other substances. We are a nut-free site. Alternatives can always be found to accommodate children’s individual dietary requirements.

We pride ourselves on serving fresh, tasty food to the pupils in partnership with our supplier, Holroyd Howe. A typical main meal might consist of tomato, chicken, broccoli and penne pasta or herb-and-garlic-roasted chicken with gravy. As an alternative, jacket or sweet potatoes with a range of fillings are always available, and a there is a vegetarian option. These include butternut-squash-and-thyme risotto; and brie-and-red-onion tarte tatin.

Vegetable side dishes are also served, for example crushed new potatoes, roasted carrots and courgette. In addition, there is always a full salad bar for the pupils to choose from to complement their meal, together with fresh bread.

Pupils are offered a small dessert to finish their meal. Desserts include orange-and-poppy-seed cake, and cookies and cream pot. Each dessert is just a couple of bites but it is a nice treat! Fresh water accompanies each meal.

The pupils are encouraged to eat whatever they choose from the selection, to chat with friends and the teachers on their table and to enjoy a welcome respite from their busy day.