An Educational Super Highway

Since 1897, Eaton House Belgravia has been an academic super highway to 7+, 8+ and 11+ examinations and a warm, welcoming school for boys aged 2-11. Join us.
Open Days

Open Days



“Mr May is ambitious for the boys in his care at this historically academic school, which has been part of the very fabric of Belgravia for over a century. But his enthusiasm goes far beyond academics. He is committed to igniting each boy’s potential beyond academic excellence, into the realms of first-rate music, drama and the creative arts.”

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“The headteacher ensures that pupils receive a consistently good quality of education. He has high expectations of himself, staff and pupils. Staff value the strong leadership he provides.”


“Well-mannered and friendly team players who all have a healthy appetite for learning a variety of new skills. Eaton House boys always make a welcome addition to every cohort.”

Mr Seth Bolderow Headmaster of Wetherby Senior School

“Eaton House and Westminster Under encourage boys to involve themselves widely in all aspects of school life. Both schools cherish personal qualities that enhance their communities. What a good fit!”

Mr O'Donnell The Master of Westminster Under School

“The school is comprised of two immense, linked cream town houses on several levels. The basement houses the kitchen, dining rooms, staff room, some individual music lesson rooms and a well-used science lab where boys enthusiastically carry out experiments and make discoveries.”

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