Foundation Bursaries

The Eaton House Foundation was envisioned by a group of parents during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they became increasingly conscious of the immense value of the education their children were receiving in difficult circumstances. They wanted to ‘build a lasting legacy that celebrated the value of an Eaton House Schools education’ by widening access to talented children in the local communities of Clapham and Belgravia, who couldn’t otherwise access a private education.

Embracing the idea, the schools and parents jointly set up the charitable Foundation to enable bright seven-year-olds with potential to join the schools at Year 3, the start of key stage 2, free of charge. Bursaries are for 100% of school fees. Successful applicants will be those who perform well at their academic assessment day, are deemed to have the potential to thrive at the school and whose family meets the financial criteria associated with the bursary scheme. If you are interested in applying you will find more information in our applicants’ section below.

At present, there are three bursaries available each year, fully funded by the schools for the duration of the child’s Eaton House education. The Foundation is building an endowment fund which we hope will allow us to add more bursaries, with a target approaching six bursaries by 2026. Please consider making a donation through our donors’ page. It could have a potentially transformative effect on children’s educational opportunities and life choices.

“The Eaton House Foundation is a registered charity (charity number 1195196).  It is a charitable incorporated organisation whose principal office is at Eaton House The Manor, 58 Clapham Common North Side, London SW4 9RU”.

Please see below the Eaton House Foundation Annual Report, giving a full picture of the trustees’ activity for the period ended August 2022.