Nursery Activities

At Eaton House The Manor Nursery there is an abundance of activities on offer: from music, sports and swimming to drama and design, to name a few. From first thing on Monday morning until Friday lunchtime, the nursery children join in with exciting activities both within the Nursery and at the main school, led by both the Nursery team and dedicated subject teachers.

We are very privileged to have our own spacious playground which is accessed via the classrooms and is a secure space where the children can play and explore safely. This allows children to use their gross motor skills in many different ways. We also have a large number of outsize wooden blocks that can be made into structures, together with sand and water play areas. All these activities develop the children’s fine and gross motor skills. During the warmer months we enjoy trips to Clapham Common, where we practice weekly for our sports day. We also make the most of the Pre-Prep’s AstroTurf and use it for games once a week.

Cubs and Bears

The children start in the Cubs’ room and go through to the Bears’ room after a term or two depending on which term they enter the school. Both rooms are bright, spacious rooms full of new experiences and toys to explore. The home corner is always a hugely popular with our little ones.

There is a gentle introduction to sounds and numbers, which are explained through fantastic hands-on experiences. The children can search for numbers in the sandpit or find sparkly sounds floating in the water.

The Bears’ room is more structured to help the children prepare for the smooth transition up to big school. Circle time, computers, outside play and individual work are equally important at the older stage of nursery. With gentle encouragement, most of our children leave us knowing all their sounds and some have even started to read.


Each term we take the children on a trip. We visit museums, theatres, the local library or the zoo. We take full advantage of the diverse facilities that are available to us as a London day school. Our trips include the Horniman Museum, The Museum of Childhood, the Transport Museum, Polka Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre, London Zoo, Battersea Zoo, Bocketts Farm, Hobbledown, and the Unicorn Theatre.

Afternoon Activities

As our children become more confident and settled in the nursery routine, some stay for an afternoon session. One of our afternoon activities is swimming. Our children have the opportunity to hop on the school minibus with their friends (some might say the most exciting part of the week!) and take the short journey to Clapham Manor Leisure Centre. Two teachers and a parent accompany the children to the pool each week. The children arrive, change into their costumes and goggles, then jump into the pool.

The pool has a floor that can be raised, so the children are never out of their depth. This helps the children build confidence quickly in the water without the need for armbands. All levels are catered for, children are assessed and put into different groups, swimmers can swim and improve their technique and children who need time to build up their confidence, use noodles and floats. Our teachers gently encourage from the sideline, and the leisure centre staff are in the pool with the children


Every child participates in sports activities during the week. Sports sessions take place in our fully equipped gym or sports hall. The huge space with all the equipment and our wonderful specialist sports staff ignite a passion for sport at an early age. The children are exposed to a number of sports including football, hockey, tennis, gymnastics, basketball and athletics.

Before we know it we have some budding athletes who show great hand-eye coordination and a competitive drive! The summer term ends in one of our nursery highlights, sports day. Every child participates and so do the parents. Our children also have the opportunity to use the AstroTurf for sports skills sessions, the nursery playground lends itself to balance bars and heavy wooden blocks.

With such a range of activities on offer we hope to find something for everyone.

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I can swim with a noodle

Weekly swimming lessons take place at Clapham Manor Leisure Centre. The children have a wonderful session either building on what they can do already, or starting from the beginning and getting confident in the water. The super swimming teachers gently encourage less confident children and the nursery teachers are always helping from the sidelines. It is so lovely to see our children in this environment, splashing, giggling and having a huge amount of fun!


I have touched a giant snail

We reinforce our classroom learning with visitors. The Wiggly Wild Show complements our mini-beast topic and it has become a firm favourite. It is fascinating to watch the children respond to touching some weird and wonderful creatures. Some shriek and squirm, others fully participate and are as cool as a cucumber. Seeing real-life creatures and having the hands-on experience is what makes learning exciting.


I can make a yoga pose

Tatty Bumpkin came to visit our nursery and gave us a wonderful yoga session. The children were totally engaged and followed all the instructions. Each child had a bag full of special stones that they could take home. The music and commentary were magical and everyone felt super-relaxed at the end of the session. Thank you, Tatty Bumpkin!


I can ask questions about the world around me

Day trips are a wonderful way to reinforce learning in the classroom, the Horniman Museum offers a range of activities from an aquarium to a butterfly house. The children can also enjoy a picnic in the beautiful gardens. The hands-on base is an opportunity for children to play a variety of instruments and learn the history of each one.


I can use my body to climb

Sports in the gym is a huge highlight of the week. The children can swing from the climbing apparatus, roll on the mat or play traffic lights with their friends. Everyone is involved. From perfecting hand-eye coordination to working in a team on an obstacle course, everybody gets a workout! Our specialist sports staff are part of the Pre-Prep team. This helps make for a smooth transition when the time comes to move up.


I can understand more when you involve me

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.”

—Benjamin Franklin

Our approach is for children to be active learners. This can be in the classroom choosing their own resources or in the playground deciding what 3D shape to construct. The opportunities are endless and the sky is the limit!  Yes, you can achieve it!