Boys’ Trips

At Eaton House The Manor our co-curricular programme offers a diverse range of activities and a wealth of opportunities for boys that go far beyond the classroom.

School trips and workshops are a valuable element of the boys’ education. They cover a wide range of activities, often linking in with topics studied in the classroom. They include educational visits to museums and galleries, outings to farms and parks, field trips and adventure breaks to activity centres, and visits abroad. They stimulate development, encourage pupils to be resourceful and self-reliant and to use their initiative, and teach pupils about developing relationships with others. At Eaton House The Manor we plan a number of trips for every year group that combine fun and learning activities.

School Trips

Being outdoors and giving the children the opportunity to experience new things is essential for their development. We encourage the boys to gain independence, develop resilience, collaborate with others and have the confidence to take risks by taking them on both day and residential trips. Residential trips start in Year 3 with boys having the opportunity to take part in a three-day residential trip to Norfolk along with the Year 3 girls from the Girls’ School. This trip is often the first time the children have spent time away from their family so the focus is on ensuring the children feel happy and secure and have fun exploring a new environment with their friends and staff who know them well.

KGs – Our Kindergarten boys have visited Clapham Fire Station to enhance the learning of their topic People Who Help Us. The boys had great fun sitting in the fire engine, trying on the helmets and learning to use the hose, really bringing the topic to life!

The Year 1 boys visited the Tower of London as part of their history project on castles. They learned how to become knights, studied all the features of the castle itself and visited the Crown Jewels. They were then ‘knighted’ by Sir Simon.

The Year 2 boys took an exciting trip to the Museum of London to extend their Great Fire of London project with an exhibition called Fire! Fire! The boys saw an interactive map and an informative timeline demonstrating how the events unfolded, together with artefacts recovered from the fire.

Year 3 boys loved their trip to the British Museum to discover more about the Egyptians. They also managed a stop at the IMAX theatre Cinema to watch a film called The Mysteries of Egypt.

Year 4 enjoyed a trip to a Buddhist temple in Wimbledon, where they were given a tour by a Buddhist monk who illustrated his talk with the beautiful temple paintings and led the boys in a short meditation session. Typically the boys also squeeze in a theatre trip to the West End, a trip to Kew Gardens to support the science curriculum and a trip to Hampton Court to further their understanding of Tudor times. The Year 4 boys will also travel to a PGL centre in Wiltshire for three days of team-building exercises, including abseiling, archery, bouldering wall, challenge course, climbing, fencing, initiative exercises, orienteering, problem solving, and trapeze.