A Partnership

Underpinning the Foundation’s establishment is the generous commitment by Eaton House Schools to fully fund three places per year for the duration of a child’s time at Eaton House. This ongoing annual financial commitment from the school will enable the Foundation to offer a free place at Belgravia, The Manor Prep and The Manor Girls’ Schools each year.  These will be awarded to candidates whose family circumstances meet the award criteria, and who are successful in the assessment process.

To grow the programme and be able to offer more than one bursary per year per school, the intention is to fundraise to create an enduring endowment centred on a social conscience shared by the parents and the Schools.

In this way, the Foundation will widen access to an Eaton House education and should have a transformative effect on children’s educational opportunities and life choices.

Eaton House Schools commits to underwrite the cost of three bursaries per year, one per school, starting in 2022. After five years, in 2027, the school will be funding a total of up to 14 bursaries at any one time: one child in each year, in each of the three schools.

In the long term, the endowment hopes to support as many bursaries as the school, bringing the total of up to 28 pupils at any one time, as well as covering incidental costs such as uniform and residential trips for bursary pupils.


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