Welcome to Eaton House The Manor

Eaton House The Manor Girls' School takes girls from age 4-11 while the Boys' School takes boys from 4-13. We are a non-selective, nurturing and academically rigorous school, with outstanding teachers.

The staff at Eaton House The Manor is made up of bright, passionate and experienced educators, who promise to be ambitious for your children, to be their guides and supporters, and to offer the very best in pastoral care. Working together, we encourage our pupils to strive and persevere to be their best selves and to develop into well-rounded young men and women, respectful of each other and aware of their responsibilities.

At Eaton House The Manor we believe passionately in the benefits of single-sex education. This view is backed up by evidence at every level – from pre-school to PISA (the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment) – that boys and girls have different learning styles and arrive at school with very different social skills, fine and gross motor skills and communication skills.

At the Boys' School we offer a curriculum adjusted to fit with the developmental stages, interests and strengths of boys This means that we can create the very best start to your son's education.

The Girls' School shares the same site, and this allows us the best of both worlds – the chance to mix socially and to take part in some co-curricular activities, whilst creating a more bespoke experience perfectly suited to the respective needs of girls and boys.

The sky is the limit

There really is a 'sky is the limit' approach to learning at Eaton House The Manor School and all our pupils are encouraged to use their intelligence in a dynamic way to demonstrate quick, reasoned and engaging responses to the world about them.