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Our Wellbeing Hub is a community resource for all pupils, staff, alumni and families of Eaton House Schools. We provide information and guidance to anyone who wishes to access this facility, including those worried about the emotional wellbeing and mental health of a child, family member or colleague, or if you are someone who needs emotional wellbeing support or wellbeing ideas for yourself you are very welcome to make use of this Hub. Eaton House Schools has a dedicated Head of Wellbeing, Paula Kearney, assigned to cater for the wellbeing needs of the whole school community. If at any point you feel that you need support for either yourself or your child please don't hesitate to speak to Paula, you can arrange an appointment directly with her by emailing her on pkearney@eatonhouseschools.com
Our resources and support extend well beyond the current pupils and staff. We offer a service for all families connected with the school, past, present and future. Once you join the Eaton House family, you will always be part of the family.

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Episode V - Runsome

Running enthusiast, Technique Coach and Eaton House mum, Jules Scudder joins us for this episode of our Eaton House Podcast. Jules takes the time to speak to us about her role as Running Mayor of Clapham and shares an abundance of practical tips and advice for getting the whole family running or moving, regardless of resources and fitness levels.

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Wellbeing Blog

Talking about world affairs
Paula Kearney

Sometimes no news really is good news. With so much going on in the wider world and less than usual going on in our daily lives to distract us, it is tempting to defer to talking about world events all the time. Perhaps take a look at this short summary of what we need to avoid the news sometimes. 

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Sleep Updated
Paula Kearney

Sleep continues to be the things we are struggling with most during lockdown. Try some of the simple tips outlined here in order to falling into a pattern of poor sleep. 

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Time Spent Outdoors
Paula kearney

The summer holidays may bring more opportunities to get out, re-engage with the outdoors and promote wellness. 

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