Additional Support

If you are struggling with your own stress or anxiety you might be interested in visiting the sites below for some help, or you may wish to contact our Head of Wellbeing, Paula Kearney (BA Hons, MA, PGDE, PGDip), at Paula is a trained child and adult Mindfulness Facilitator and a CBT therapist who brings a wealth of knowledge from working with young people, parents and staff in a variety of different school settings. Although Paula will not be acting as a therapist in this role, any communication you have with her will be confidential and in line with our safeguarding policies.

The following links are also useful for giving you some insight into how to support your children during this (and any) stressful period.

Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation is a wonderful organisation that works hard for raise funds and awareness for mental health. They have a great attitude towards prevention of mental health disorders, which means their website is worth a visit for everyone. 


Mind is a UK based charity that supports people of all ages with mental health issues. Their website is a great place to visit for general information and guidance or for support with a mental health disorder. 

Young Minds

Young Minds offers a wealth of information about young people's mental health. There are resources available for parents which could help support conversations about difficult issues. 

The Parent Practice

The Parent Practice offers support to parents and carers who are keen to build on their parenting skills. There is a variety of workshops to choose from and they can cater to the individual needs of the family. 

Little Parachutes

  • Little Parachutes shares a multitude of picture books that are designed to help children with worries and challenging situations. A range of topics are covered from divorce to bereavement. Little Parachutes also has books that positive behaviour and attributes such as kindness and courage. 

Staying connected

The current advice is for us to keep our distance from one another. Although we need to physically keep ourselves apart this does not mean we need to completely disconnect.

Keep in touch with friends and family via text and Facetime. Make arrangements to talk to people at specific times, as if you were meeting up in person. You might even want to arrange virtual dinner parties or a friendly Quiz on apps like House Party.  

Make a point of calling those who live alone, as this can be extremely meaningful. A simple phone call can do a lot to let someone know you are thinking of them and they are important to you.