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Talks & Events

Talks and Events

There is a lot of talk around the usefulness of stress and I really believe in it, however, it doesn’t mean feeling stress is ever easy or pleasant. When times of stress come along it’s often the case that we discover how unprepared for it we really are. This might be a time when we feel heightened stress and the tips in this short talk might help us out right now.

Here are some additional talks which might help support you through the weeks and months ahead:



For those of you who have been given the gift of time during the COVID-19 lockdown, you may wish to dive into some great books, podcasts or take on some new activities to enhance your wellbeing. We will update these resources regularly, so please visit this page often for our favourite resources:

Book Recommendations

Lost Connections, Johann Hari

This book offers great insight into the triggers and maintenance of depression. It describes the importance of human relationships and connections. Although this book is about depression it is not only for those who have experienced depression or mental health issues, the message of this book is relevant for everyone in society.

Why We Sleep, Matthew Walker

This book offers a huge amount of scientific evidence related to the benefits of sleep on our physical and mental health. If you’re struggling to find a sleep pattern that works for you this might just frighten you into bed by 9pm every night! 

5-Minute Stress Relief – 75 Exercises to Quiet Your Mind and Calm Your Body, Elena Welsh

Although written before the current crises, this recent publication by clinical psychologist, Dr Elena Walsh, couldn’t be more appropriately timed. Whether you’re staying at home with family or in self-isolation alone, you’re bound to find an excuse to help dial down the stress in a matter of minutes. Discover how colouring and doodling, listening to music, guided visualisation, yoga and meditation can help instil a sense of calm in these troubled times.


Podcast Recommendations

Happy Place Podcast, Fearne Cotton

With an array of interesting guests with stories to tell this podcast doesn’t get boring. Each guest speaks frankly about mental health struggles and things that they have found useful. Although the theme is the same each episode brings something new and interesting.

How To Fail, Elizabeth Day

After a difficult end to a long relationship Elizabeth Day discovered her resilience needed attention so she got to work on building this up and her podcast became a way of doing this. This is a useful and gentle reminder to us all that we are human and fallible and the mistakes we often think are unmanageable have an ending.

Podcasts for Your Wellbeing

Wave goodbye to stressful moments with Podcasts for Your Wellbeing from The Mental Health Foundation. Episodes cover mindfulness, quick-fix relaxation exercises, stress management techniques, sleep problems and more – the perfect antidote to churning thoughts.


App Recommendations

Stress & Anxiety Companion App

With breathing exercises, relaxing audio tracks and games, this app from the NHS is designed to help you stay calm during those stressful moments. Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques, it shows you how to identify your stress and anxiety triggers, and reframe your thoughts, so as to better cope with whatever life throws your way.


Interactive Activities

  • If you’re finding it hard to entertain the children after a long day you might like to take an opportunity to visit a zoo you’ve never been to before. These visits will of course be virtual, but just an interesting. Try Cincinnati Zoo and explore their Home Safari and loads of great craft ideas. Chester Zoo will bowl you over with so many amazing facts and animal related activities. You can even see what’s going on live at San Diego Zoo or catch up with the animals in their pre-recorded videos.
  • Join Andrew Lloyd Weber and others as stage is brought to screen because 'The Show Must Go On':
  • Take the whole family on Safari and learn all about the wonderful wildlife of the earth by joining live links or prerecorded videos on Wild Earth:
  • Well, The National Theatre certainly believe that the best things in life really can be free. Join them for streaming of full length plays on Thursday evenings and bring culture to your living room: