Posted: 14th March 2019

When parents entered the Pre-Prep Art Auction, they were confronted with a riot of colourful pieces to sell, and a huge range of influences on display, including  Mondrian-inspired pieces, pop art, collage and much more. The show was a staggering success and every single pupil, aged 4-8, contributed pieces to help raise money for Beyond Autism. This is a charity that works to empower people with autism to lead fuller lives through education. Given the ages of the young artists involved, it was incredible that their combined efforts raised £6,500.  Well done to the Pre-Prep for being so creative!

Year 3 students invited pupils with Autism from Park House School to collaborate on four special artworks, all of which sold for high prices. Every single piece of artwork that made its way to auction was sold, from large scale canvases to small individual pieces. Another great success for the boys at Eaton House The Manor Pre-Prep.

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