Traditional in tone, yet modern, welcoming and warm in outlook, Eaton House Belgravia Pre-Prep was founded in 1897.

When you enter the school for the first time and see the rows of polished oak boards embellished in gold with the names of past head boys, you realise that you are part of a unique educational heritage, one going back generations.

In 2023, Eaton House Belgravia Pre-Prep achieved some of the most outstanding 7+ and 8+ results in London, with the most popular leavers’ destinations being Westminster Under School and Sussex House, amongst many fine schools. As we are non-selective at entry, interest is keen and early application is advised, with registration accepted from birth.

Most people who live in Belgravia would regard Eaton House Belgravia Pre-Prep as part of the fabric of everyday life. This is due, in part, to the smart red and green uniforms worn by its pupils. They are highly visible everywhere in Eaton Gate, where the school is housed in two large mansion houses.

There are 240 pupils aged from 4-8 in the school. A prep school opened on site in September 2018 for those boys who choose to go on to take the 11+. This allows a greater degree of flexibility on examination choice for parents, but the majority of our boys will sit the 7+ and 8+ examinations as they traditionally have done.

Traditional Values, Forward-thinking Education

We offer the perfect blend of traditional values and forward-thinking education in an environment where there is a premium on pastoral care. The school is family-run, and our open-door policy means that parents feel fully involved in every aspect of school life. The school feels happy and purposeful, full of boys learning in an active way that they really enjoy.

The day starts and ends in a traditional way, with a handshake with the headmaster. Boys will learn composition, comprehension, English, French, grammar, computing, reading, mathematics, music, non-verbal reasoning, science, spelling, phonics, PSHEE, RS, and verbal reasoning. In addition, the boys will have lessons in drama, games and art, and will enjoy a number of educational trips each year.

Most of our boys have individual music lessons and some play several instruments to a very high standard by the time they leave us. We have regular music assemblies in school and termly music competitions in which boys can showcase their talents. In addition, we arrange occasional special recitals by professional musicians to inspire the pupils. Our big annual musical production is enjoyed by many students and boys can win colours in music, singing, drama, the arts and sports for outstanding service to the school.

Boys are attached to one of four houses when they arrive and there is great house solidarity across all the years. It is always a great moment when a boy wins his colours and he will be cheered on and applauded by his house. Similarly, house points and merits are handed out in a special assembly each week.

At 4pm, boys can take advantage of a large number of clubs. These clubs include Spanish, 7+ Club, 8+ Club, Cookery, Sports, Lego, film, Fun French, Mindfulness, Colouring & Story, Dodgeball, Computer Coding, Tatics, PE, Explorer, Art, Computer, Debate, Karate, Football, Swimming and Nimble Minds Reasoning. We can truly say there is something for everybody when it comes to clubs!

Parents can be sure that their son will be treated as an individual and will be noticed and nurtured to maximise his full potential in a caring environment. To help with this, we offer the boys personalised learning plans that allow both for the brightest to be fully stretched and for help to be given to those that need it.

Individual Attention

The headmaster is determined that every boy will feel known, supported and confident in his learning path. He firmly believes that children blossom academically at different rates and that the key thing is to develop each boy’s natural talent at a pace that works for him, helping him to build his confidence and to shine.

Boys are assessed by the whole management team weekly in the run-up to examinations, and parents receive written reports every two weeks. These reports cover each child’s academic progress and emotional and social well-being, and they are personally reviewed by the headmaster. This means that he can have a genuinely informed dialogue with parents and give helpful advice in the run-up to examinations.

Beyond academics, sport and the arts are both central to our school life. A combination of onsite PE lessons and offsite games and swimming sessions enables our boys to develop key sports skills.

The happiness of our pupils is extremely important to us, and pastoral care is the cornerstone of everything we do. Our buddy system helps to integrate the newest boys into the school from the first day. The house system provides another layer of support and guidance. The form teacher is the key person who ensures the boys are supported in their emotional development. Parents are encouraged to drop off and pick up their son, where the teachers are able to discuss how the day has gone.

We encourage every generation of Eaton House Belgravia Pre-Prep boys to be recognisable for the strength of their intelligence and their moral integrity. We want them to try everything, to make good choices, to be aware of the world around them, to listen as much as they talk, to be confident and adaptable, persevering where necessary and learning from their mistakes. We want them to want to make a difference in the world, to be responsible, kind and considerate, and to look after each other. We want the boys to thrive on the personalised learning plan they have prepared together with the teacher and to have fun!

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