Eaton House Belgravia Boys Achieve Outstanding Results in 125-Year Celebration

Posted: 24th March 2023

Categories: Boys

The Eaton House Belgravia boys, led by Headmaster Mr Huw May, triumphed in the 125th year of Eaton House Schools’ existence, with a strong showing in the 7+ and 8+ examinations.

The 7+ boys received 4 offers to Westminster Under, 4 offers to St Paul’s Boys’ School, 5 offers to King’s College, Wimbledon, 1 offer to City of London Boys’ School and 2 offers to Dulwich College, among a number of top schools.

The 8+ boys received 2 offers to Westminster Under, 2 offers to St Paul’s Boys’ School, 4 offers to Dulwich College, 8 offers to Sussex House and offers to King’s College Wimbledon, Summerfields, Eaton House Belgravia Prep and Eaton House The Manor Prep, amongst other top schools.

Mr May, who is being succeeded by new Headmaster Mr Mark Snell from Wetherby School, is delighted that his successful tenure at Eaton House Belgravia ends on such a high note.

“The boys have been incredible, as they always are,” he said. “They have worked hard in a school that is always fizzing with life, as our academics are balanced with so many co-curricular activities and extra-curricular activities and clubs.”

The fact that it is a caring culture is very important, he feels, as each boy’s academic performance is finely attuned to his strengths and needs, leading to happy outcomes. Boy-friendly teaching is also an important factor in the results.

“The boys all worked very hard and outdid themselves,” he said. “They have all gained places at excellent schools where they will be truly happy.”

“Mr Snell is taking over a wonderful Belgravia institution, which has a 125 years of history behind it, and many famous old boys, including Sir Laurence Olivier, Eddie Redmayne, Bear Grylls and Philip Pullman,” he adds. “I am passing on the baton to a successor who I am confident is the perfect choice to take Eaton House Belgravia on into the next phase of its history.”

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