Remembrance Day 2023

Posted: 16th November 2023

Categories: All Schools

The 12th November marked the 2023 Remembrance Sunday. At 11:00, the nation came together in a two minute silence to remember the British and Commonwealth soldiers who have died in the line of duty.

Last week, ahead of Remembrance Day our interim Headmaster, Mr Brendan O’Keeffe, brought our school together for an assembly about why we mark this important occasion. The boys learnt about the sacrifices of those who fought for our country, the British values they defended and the symbolism of the poppy.

The KGs showed their support with their fantastic artwork. As a year group, they came together to make a collection of large wearable poppies, some worn on their heads and others around their necks. It is important that we mark these occasions with fun, interactive activities for the junior boys while also showing the respect that days, such as Remembrance day, deserve.

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