Each year we award a number of scholarships to pupils who demonstrate  exceptional potential. Designed to recognise and reward excellence, our scholarships are strictly merit-based and we attract some of the best candidates in London.

Is your child a brilliant mathematician, or an incredibly well-read all-rounder? Do they excel at sports and leadership or are they a gifted and talented musician? If so, they might qualify for a scholarship at Eaton House.

Applications are welcomed from suitable external applicants as well as Eaton House pupils transitioning from the Pre-Prep.

Contact our Head of admissions – 020 3917 5050

Scholarships at Eaton House Belgravia

Four scholarships are available for boys aged 8+ entering Year 4: the Kensington Scholarship for All-Round Academic Excellence, the Leamington Scholarship for Musical Excellence, the Wootton Scholarship for Sporting Excellence, and the Leibniz Prize for Mathematics. Scholarship winners can be identified by their scholars’ ties and will have special roles to fulfil, using their talents to inspire others and help them progress. They also qualify for funding of up to £200 per term towards their fees.

The Kensington Scholarship for All-Round Academic Excellence

The all-round academic Kensington Scholarship is likely to be awarded to a gifted boy who is highly literate and numerate, who devours books and who enjoys academic challenges, delighting in analytical problem solving.

The Kensington Scholarship winner will have tended to find examinations relatively easy until now.

The chosen boy is likely to be highly articulate, to enjoy debate, to devour books, perhaps also enjoy going to museums, exhibitions and concerts and to relish taking a line of argument and seeing it through. He may feel comfortable in his own skin, and be both scholastically and intellectually confident. He is the kind of boy who will not find the 11+ a hard examination and will benefit from working towards applying for senior school scholarships.

This scholarship will be awarded to the boy who is not only academically gifted, but who also has a very positive attitude to learning, a willingness to try new things and to contribute to the school community. The recipient will demonstrate a fluid approach to problem solving and the ability to become a first-class creative thinker in his own right, with strong leadership skills and ideas and an original approach to learning and scholarship.

We are interested in the boy who could genuinely distinguish himself in the world. As the holder of the Kensington Scholarship, he will be expected to inspire his classmates and to set a good example when it comes to striving for, and achieving, academic excellence.

The Leamington Scholarship for Musical Excellence

Belgravia Prep School has a vibrant music department and we are looking for an inspiring musician to help others to progress.

If your son is a talented musician, he may want to apply for the Leamington Musical Scholarship.

A boy of about Grade 5 standard on his first instrument could be a promising candidate. Boys with a range of instruments to show, or good singing potential, would be at an advantage. The ability to read and interpret music would also be a key skill.

If your son is a potential music scholar, it may be helpful to arrange a meeting with Mr May well in advance of the formal music aptitude test. He can then hear your son play and give him some informal advice on how to prepare for his audition.

The Wootton Scholarship for Sporting Excellence

At Belgravia Prep we take sport very seriously and play competitive matches in a number of different sports. Our scholar will be an exceptional sportsman and a team leader.

If your son loves sport and is an enthusiastic, determined and gifted sportsman, he may wish to apply for the Eaton House Belgravia Prep Wootton Sports Scholarship.

Applicants will be invited to a sports trial at which they will be asked to demonstrate skills in a number of sports. These may include rugby, football, cricket, tennis, fitness testing and an obstacle course.

Sports staff will look at potential as well as current ability, as we know that some boys will never have tried some of these sports. The sports trial will take place over a morning or afternoon and it should be a very enjoyable experience for all.

The Liebniz Prize for Mathematics

The Leibniz Prize (named after after the mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, who contributed to the study of calculus) will be awarded to a naturally gifted and talented mathematician who excels in all aspects of the subject.

Shortlisted internal and external candidates will be invited to sit the Leibniz trial, a testing mathematical examination, under timed conditions.

The boy who wins this prize will receive a £500 honorarium. He may also be entitled to a bursary, dependent upon family income.

The Leibniz Prize winner will be expected to help champion Year 3 boys in a Leibniz Club taken by a mathematics teacher.

How to apply

Existing Eaton House pupils

All Pre-Prep boys transitioning to the Prep will automatically be considered for the Kensington Scholarship for Academic Excellence. If you would like your son to be considered for one or more of the other awards, there are special trials or aptitude tests to be taken.

External candidates

If you are the parent of an external candidate your child will be eligible to be entered for each of the scholarships and as part of the application process you will be asked whether you would like consideration to be given.

For more detailed information and to apply, please contact Sam Feilding, Head of Admissions, on 020 3917 5050 or complete the contact form.

Scholarship Enquiries

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