Eaton House Belgravia Preparatory School is a new school – part of the long-established Eaton House Schools Group, housed in three custom-built floors of the Eaton House Belgravia Pre-Prep site, near Sloane Square.

We take boys from age 8 and prepare pupils for the 11+ examinations, with a guaranteed place at Eaton House The Manor available to all boys who plan to go on to take 13+ examinations.

We take registrations all through the year for the 8+ assessment and scholarship awards, which close in November each year – for more information please contact Sam Feilding on 020 3917 5050 or REGISTER HERE

Traditional Values, Forward-thinking Education

We are a traditional school with traditional values, but we are also forward thinking. Our aim is to provide boys with the best education possible, empowering them to reach their next destination successfully, whether it is a top London school such as Westminster, St Paul’s or Dulwich College, or a boarding school outside London, such as Eton or Tonbridge.

We are preparing our boys for their future and we aim to open their eyes to the challenging world in which they live. The boys are encouraged to strive and persevere to do their best in their studies and to develop into well-rounded young men, respectful of each other and aware of their responsibilities. We will provide them with the skills to navigate their future successfully, adapt to change positively, work collaboratively and express their principles thoughtfully.

Above all, we aim to ensure that every boy excels in his work and fulfils his potential academically. We have high aspirations for every child, and the progress that they will make in their five years at EHB Prep school will be remarkable.

Subjects Covered

Subjects covered are art, computing, design technology, drama, English, French, geography, history, Latin, maths, music, PSHEE, science, and theology, philosophy and religion. Individual learning plans and future targets are shared with parents enable boys to demonstrate their gifts and academic capabilities and to receive help where it is needed. In this way, parents can be sure that boys are meeting defined termly objectives for the whole class.

Sport is an integral part of life at school, whether boys are representing the school or their house, or simply learning to be part of a team. The boys will engage in sports such as football, cricket, rugby and athletics every day as we strongly believe that sport is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Every boy will be part of a sports team as we believe that is important for the boys’ confidence and personal growth. We require all the boys to play with passion and commitment, whatever their level. All pupils can be successful in at least one sport. Our job is to take the time to find the sport that is right for each boy.

All boys are encouraged to play games in the right spirit, with sporting behaviour promoted and celebrated. There is a chance for outstanding sportsmen to receive ‘colours’ in a sport, but all the boys have a chance to enter competitions and challenges throughout the year. Competitive matches against other schools and clubs are a highlight of each week.

Many boys will become so interested in playing a particular sport that they go on to join specialist after-school clubs to help them progress faster. This is an important part of a boy’s day, a time for relaxation and bonding where lifelong friendships are formed.

Drama is an essential part of school life, with at least one main production a year. Every boy within the school has weekly drama lessons and can join Drama Club if he becomes interested in doing more outside school. Individual drama lessons are also available and they can be tailored to complement school productions.

All our productions are expertly produced, with lavish technical effects and inspiring costumes. Drama is a great way for the boys to become confident in speaking to their peers and to large audiences, and to have a lot of fun in the process. In Belgravia Prep School, the boys perform at a high level. The wide range of performance opportunities enable boys to share their talents with the community, allowing them to showcase what they have learned in their drama lessons.

There are also regular concerts, musical ensembles, art exhibitions and dance workshops that allow the boys to develop self-expression and gain in confidence. Considerable music making is available through choirs, ensembles and individual lessons. A vibrant music department at Eaton House Belgravia Prep is very important to the Headmaster as it is an area of personal interest to him. To this end, he has arranged that topics covered in music lessons are supported by the Royal College of Music, which is working with us to develop the boys’ singing and performance skills through an original and newly commissioned children’s opera.

Extracurricular Activities

We understand the importance of a wealth of extracurricular activities and challenges for boys and offer a number of unusual and interesting clubs and societies covering a wide range of interests. For autumn 2018, club options include Spanish, Cookery, Sports, Film, Fun French, Mindfulness, Colouring & Story, Dodgeball, Computer Coding, Jedi, Tactics, PE, Explorer, Art, Computer, Debate, Karate, Football, and Swimming. We can truly say that there are clubs suitable for every boy!

There are residential trips for every year group and this year the Prep have had a huge number of local London outings including a rock climbing programme, a trip to Westminster Abbey and the Palace of Westminster, and trips to the Tower of London, the Imperial War Museum, New Scientist Live Exhibition, Kew, Harry Potter World and the Unicorn Theatre, amongst others.

Well-being is extremely important at Eaton House Belgravia Preparatory School. We aim to ensure that every boy succeeds because he is well cared for and supported throughout his time at Eaton House Belgravia Prep. Every boy will receive unparalleled one-to-one support as he heads towards his 11+ examinations and school choices.

Individual Attention

Knowing the boys, sharing their highs and lows and being there for them in every way is of prime importance to us. Pastoral care is fully integrated through the teaching, learning and structural organisation of the school, effectively meeting the needs of the boys. Our small class sizes ensure that we are able to focus on each individual boy, ensuring that he is happy, confident and fulfils his maximum potential, both academically and socially.

We believe that an outstanding education is one in which teachers are emotionally connected with their pupils and where the relationships between the staff, pupils and parents produce a common sense of purpose.

Our Prep boys tend to be sociable, kind to each other and quite thoughtful. There is a culture of kindness in the school which we actively foster, making Eaton House Belgravia Prep a fantastic place in which to go to school. Boys are taught to work in groups, to express opinions in a manner that commands respect and to treat others as they themselves would like to be treated.

Like their younger Pre-Prep counterparts, we will encourage Eaton House Belgravia Prep boys to be recognisable for the strength of their intelligence and their moral integrity. We want them to try everything, to make good choices, to be aware of the world around them, to listen as much as they talk, to be confident and adaptable, persevering where necessary and learning from their mistakes. We want them to want to make a difference in the world, to be responsible, kind and considerate and to look after each other. We want the boys to thrive on the personalised learning plan they have prepared together with the teacher and to have fun!

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