Prep Co-Curricular

Co-curricular activities are an extension of the formal learning experiences in a course or an academic programme.

School trips are excellent at Eaton House Belgravia Prep, and they are a good way for pupils to really engage in a subject in more depth, whether they are residential or nearer to home. Here are a few of the co-curricular activities enjoyed by the Prep last year.

To round off the Year 3 boys’ work on the subject of crime and punishment, their history topic for the spring term, the boys visited the Tower of London. It was a cold and blustery day which added to the drama and excitement of the venue. One of the many highlights was seeing the Crown Jewels in all their glory.

The boys were particularly interested in how armour had evolved through the different periods of history. They were also fascinated by the large array of exotic animals that were kept within the grounds. This was pronounced by all as a fascinating day and a great way to end their topic.

On a crisp autumn morning, Year 3 had the pleasure of visiting the Chelsea Physic Garden. It was the perfect time to see the stunning gardens transitioning from summer to autumn. The boys took part in an informative workshop and discovered the medicinal uses of a variety of plants. Afterwards, they had a tour of the garden, and planted some nasturtiums, taking the rest back to school. It was great fun to spend the morning in the tranquil gardens learning about nature first hand.

As part of our ongoing work on British values the children visited the Palace of Westminster. As parliament was not in session on the day we were able to see the House of Commons and the House of Lords. It was fascinating to walk around rooms with so much history and tradition. After the tour, the children took part in a debate and learned about voting, democracy and the rule of law.

They put forward a motion that homework should be banned and had a heated argument for and against. It was no surprise to the teachers that the public bill was passed and homework is no longer allowed to be set by teachers (it won’t stop us, though!).


Inter-school competitions, such as musical competitions, drama and sports competitions, can also prove extremely valuable for the boys in co-curricular terms. In sport, the David Lawrence Series Annual Challenge Cup is the perfect example of co-curricular excellence.

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