Art Therapy with Share Community

Posted: 10th November 2023

This week we were joined by our friends at Share Community for an Art Therapy session with our Year 6 girls. Eaton House The Manor Girls’ school have built a wonderful relationship with Share Community, raising money for them through events such as ‘Wear it Green Day’ as part of Children’s Mental Health Week, and running workshops and visits. Last academic year, our girls exchanged homemade postcards with members from Share Community, delivering messages of positivity. Share Community is a Clapham based charity that provides accredited training to young adults with learning disabilities and those who struggle with mental health, while supporting them to socialise regularly. We are always delighted to work alongside Share Community, helping those in need and instilling a sense of community both inside and out of school.

The Art Therapy session took place in our art room and provided an excellent opportunity for the members of Share Community to meet with our Year 6 girls. The session was led by Miss Lisa and a lovely group leader from Share Community, both of whom helped create a fantastic atmosphere in which everyone got involved with wide smiles. To begin, the girls paired up with a member of Share Community and got to know them, finding out about things that they had in common. The group then reconvened and shared what they had learnt about their partners. The next exercise saw the girls find a new partner from Share Community and as a pair, they drew, decorated and personalised their perfect jumpers using buttons, gems, feathers and more. It was wonderful to see the creativity on show and how it brought everyone closer together. We can’t wait to work closely with Share Community again in the future!

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