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Eaton House Schools Foundation Trustees Look For Bursary Candidates

8th January 2024

The third generation of children are now benefiting from the Eaton House Foundation – but what of the trustees? Why do they take on such a time consuming role for…

Lets Turn to Books!

8th January 2024

Mrs Claire Fildes, Headmistress of Eaton House The Manor Girls’ School

Ted’s 2023 Comes To An End!

4th January 2024

Towards the end of the 2023 Autumn Term, we hosted a VIB, our Eaton House mascot, Ted. As the year drew to a close, Ted sampled all the delights of…

The Power of Breadth

13th November 2023

Mrs Sarah Segrave, Principal of Eaton House Schools and Headmistress of Eaton House The Manor Prep School talks about the importance of extra-curricular activities in education.

COVID babies – The Impact on Communication and Language

11th August 2023

Mrs Roosha Sue, Headmistress of Eaton House The Manor Nursery School  

Maths Doesn’t Frighten Me At All

11th August 2023

Mr David Wingfield, Headmaster of Eaton House The Manor Pre-Prep School