The Royal Society’s Young People’s Book Prize 2023

Posted: 16th November 2023

Categories: All Schools

Eaton House The Manor Prep School are excited to be taking part in the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize 2023 under the team name, ‘IGNITE’. The boys are joined by over 15,000 young judges from around 700 other schools, science centres and community groups from across the UK, coming together to choose an overall winner from the 2023 shortlist for the Young People’s Book Prize.

The 2023 shortlist consists of:

  • ‘A Bug’s World’ by Dr Erica Mcalister
  • ‘Am I made of Stardust’ by Dr Maggie Adrien-Pocok MBE
  • ‘Bodies, Brains and Bogies’ by Paul Ian Cross, PHD
  • ‘Live Like a Hunter Gathere’ by Naomi Walmsley
  • ‘Deadly and Dangerous Animals’ by Ben Rothery
  • ‘Step Inside Science: Germs’ by Sarah Hull

Every week, the Prep boys will be focusing on a different book from the shortlist with one writing a short book review each week. At the end of the 6 week workshop, the group will come to a collective decision on their favourite book.

This week we looked at Ben Rothery’s ‘Deadly and Dangerous Animals’. The boys studied the wide range of land, sea and sky predators, before selecting their favourite deadly and dangerous animal. Once chosen, the boys illustrated, and made Plasticine models, of their favourite animals. This week’s book review will be written by Rehaan (Year 7).

The boys are looking forward to reviewing an exciting new book each week.