Ted’s 2023 Comes To An End!

Posted: 4th January 2024

Towards the end of the 2023 Autumn Term, we hosted a VIB, our Eaton House mascot, Ted. As the year drew to a close, Ted sampled all the delights of Christmas at The Manor!

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Ted spent his first morning watching the fantastic KG boys in the Pre-Prep perform ‘Lights Camel Action’. The Strictly inspired nativity was a smash hit with the parents, especially all of the jazzy songs and dances. In the afternoon, Ted went on to visit the Prep School book sale, picking up Esio Trot by Roald Dahl. In total, the book fair raised a wonderful an amazing £773 for St Mungo’s, a charity tackling homelessness across the country. At the end of the day, Ted stayed to help the Girls’ School teachers decorate their classrooms and the Year 6 Christmas Tree.


The next day was a festive one for Ted at Eaton House The Manor. In the morning, he went along to the Prep School’s ‘Mind Over Manor’ House Quiz. The questions ranged from art to politics, with some chocolate tasting and Christmas tunes along the way. The boys showed off their impressive knowledge throughout the quiz, especially Windsor, who came out on top! Later in the day it was time for Ted’s favourite meal of the year. They had a delicious Christmas lunch with roasties, stuffing, gravy, Yorkshire puddings, pigs in blankets and of course lots of turkey! The boys and girls enjoyed the lunch dressed in their fantastic Christmas jumpers and hats from the crackers.

Ted’s action packed time at The Manor continued as he ventured around the Pre-Prep, joining in with some exciting lessons. The Year 3s listed their new year’s resolutions – Ted planned to eat less honey (going strong four days in!). Meanwhile, in Year 1, Ted and the boys took part in a Christmas themed quiz. In the afternoon, Ted was blown away by the musical talent of the Girls’ School at their Christmas Carol Concert before being taken up to the pulpit with Mabel, the Head Girl, for our Christmas Prayer.

The next day, Ted once again travelled to St Luke’s Church, this time for the Pre-Prep Christmas Service. He was particularly impressed with the brave soloists and speakers! Afterwards, Ted returned to school to watch the Pre-Prep staff’s hilarious performance of Cinderella. The panto had the crowd in fits of giggles, with plenty of audience participation. Mr Sam made a surprisingly convincing Cinders!

Before Ted knew it, it was the last day of term. The day started with the Prep’s Prize Giving Ceremony. After all of their hard work through the Autumn Term, the boys were awarded prizes for academics, sport and being ‘good eggs’ amongst many others. After saying his ‘thank you’s and ‘goodbye’s, Ted went out onto the forecourt and was met with the wonderful surprise of snow! What a wonderful way to end the school year!

Ted’s time at Eaton House wasn’t done there however. In the run up to Christmas, he spent a wonderful week at Christmas Holiday Camp. Between playing sports, going on a bear hunt and some festive baking, Ted, and the boys and girls, were treated to some magical Christmassy activities, including meeting two beautiful reindeer and some exceptional ice skating!

And that was that for Ted’s 2023. He hopes everyone had a lovely holiday and a happy new year!