U13 Footballers Sail Into ISFA Semi-Final

Posted: 10th February 2023

Categories: Boys

After an impressive display from the Eaton House The Manor U13 football team, the boys have progressed into the semi-final of the National ISFA Shield competition. Following a 5-1 victory over Great Walstead in the previous round, Eaton House travelled to face Cothill House, hopeful for more success. Head Boy and team member, Freddie Snowball, reports.

ISFA Quarter-Final Football Match

Eaton House v Cothill

Monday 6th February 2023

On a misty Monday mid-afternoon, two buses trundled through the Radley school gates filled with anticipating athletes, preparing for the prestigious glory of the chance to enter the ISFA semi-finals. Both Cothill and Eaton House had fought strenuously for their places in the quarter-finals and were brimming with adrenaline. The teams warmed up on the carpet pitches of Radley, and at 3pm the whistle was blown, and the match commenced. Cothill kicked off and Eaton House applied the pressure, bursting into their true footballing colours with a passion and desire to become the victors. Eaton House began to overwhelm the Cothill defense, barraging their backline with tricky aerials that had to be dealt with. However, after a lack of troubling shots on target, Jimmy pummeled the frame of the goal with a rifling shot from the edge of the box. An ‘ooohh’ echoed around the crowd and Eaton House were spurred on to score the opening goal. Cothill were alarmed and tightened their defense and midfield for inevitable attacks from Eaton House. Despite their arduous attempts to keep the scoreline level, Jack Dowd acquired the ball in a dangerous position and used flamboyant footwork to mesmerize the defenders, and hence went on to deposit the ball in the back of the net. The half-time whistle blew and both teams knew they had not achieved their true potential. Eaton House were in a winning position but in need of security, so once again the team huddled to be ingeniously inspired by Mr. Craig’s words of wisdom and strategy.

The second half began and an atmosphere of all or nothing arose. Cothill came back with determination, but the Eaton House defense stayed strong. Not long after half-time, Jack Dowd obtained the ball in the box from a carefully threaded low driven cross by Jack Catterall, and calmly drilled it into the bottom corner. Cothill held the ball in midfield and abruptly spread it wide to their winger, who seized the opportunity and took a dangerous shot on goal. Freddie got a hand to the ball, tipping it away from the bottom corner, but the ball landed at the Cothill winger. With great haste and ambition Charlie darted from his position to intercept, heroically blocking the shot, and thus prevented Cothill from getting an important goal. Cothill were still two behind and anxiety was high, but Eaton House stayed cool, calm and composed. Once again Jack Dowd utilized his pace and hurtled into open space before he received the ball and like his previous form, scored his third goal and consolidated his hat trick prestige. Time ticked by and Casper delivered many stunning set-pieces from the corner flag. After another awe-inspiring cross from Casper, Fred tapped in the ball at the back post. The game was nearly over and things were slowing to a halt. However, with composure, Maxwell lofted the ball over the goalkeeper with the last kick of the game. Celebrations resounded amongst Eaton House and both teams graciously shared commiserations and congratulations as they shook hands. A staggering 5-0 win and a terrific team performance from Eaton House. The hat trick hero, Jack Dowd, was honored with man of the match.