‘Let’s Connect’ with Share Community

Posted: 22nd February 2023

Categories: Girls

Earlier this month, Eaton House the Manor Girls’ School marked Children’s Mental Health Week, embracing this year’s theme of ‘Let’s Connect’. Throughout their week at school, the girls were reminded of the importance of friendships and meaningful connections.

New data released by Place2Be, a leading UK children’s mental health charity, revealed that nearly 78% of young people seen by a Place2Be counsellor in the last year have experienced anxiety in social situations. Furthermore, 83% of young people report that the coronavirus pandemic worsened their mental health. A lack of in-person connection has clearly affected the quality of social interaction between young people. Inspired by this, our Girls’ School pupils have gone the extra mile to make connections in our local community, by creating postcards for members of local organisation, Share Community.

Share Community is a fantastic charity, primarily based in Clapham, that helps young adults with learning disabilities and mental health struggles to live more independent lives. They work selflessly to provide accredited training to guide their students towards employment and independence, while also supporting them to socialise regularly, through a befriending service. This work has been recognised and supported by Eaton House the Manor Girls’ School in true ‘Let’s Connect’ fashion. Our pupils created bright, beautifully illustrated postcards to deliver messages of positivity, inspired by mental health week. Reminders to ‘Dream Big’ and ‘Be Kind to Yourself’, were combined into colourful posters from each form group, which were sent to Share Community. We were delighted to receive some lovely artwork from their members in response! You can see some examples of the postcards and artwork in the galleries below.

During Children’s Mental Health Week, the Girls’ School also held a ‘Wear it Green Day’, raising over £340 for Share Community. The girls wore a splash of green with their uniform, inspired by the international symbol for mental health awareness, the green ribbon. We are so proud to help make connections in our local community and can’t wait to watch Share Community grow further, continuing to support those in need. A big thank you to all of our girls, who put in so much effort to put a smile on the faces of those at Share Community.

Eaton House the Manor Girls’ Postcards

Share Community’s Artwork