Outstanding Exam Results From Eaton House The Manor Prep

Posted: 24th June 2024

Categories: All Schools

Eaton House The Manor Prep has just announced an outstanding set of examination results for 2024, with 12 scholarships and awards to some of the UK’s most prestigious schools. These include: an Academic Scholarship to King’s College School, Wimbledon; 3 Academic Scholarships and a Sports Exhibition to Dulwich College; a Drama Scholarship, a Choral Scholarship and Scholarship English Prize to Brighton College; 3 Academic Scholarships to Whitgift and a DT Scholarship to Marlborough College.

In 2024, all the boys achieved excellent results and places at 18 different and renowned schools including: Dulwich (7 places); Westminster (5 places); St Paul’s (4 places); Eton (2 places); King’s College School, Wimbledon (2 places); Brighton College (4 places) Winchester College (2 places); City of London School for Boys (2 places); Tonbridge (2 places); Marlborough College (1 place); Whitgift (4 places); St Edward’s, Oxford (2 places); Wellington (1 place), Worth (1 place), Abingdon School (2 places); Trinity (1 place), Wetherby (2 places); Bishop’s Stortford College (1 place).

‘We are delighted for all our leavers and for the staff who are so passionate about educating them,’ said Headmistress Sarah Segrave, who is also the Principal of the Eaton House Schools’ Group.

‘We pride ourselves on helping our boys to find the perfect fit at senior school, where they will continue to thrive and be happy. This follows close consultation with parents and the boys themselves and thorough preparation for exams so that they can achieve their goals.

‘In this way, every boy achieves his first choice senior school. Many things can play into that decision – heritage, for example. Perhaps a boy’s father went to Eton or Tonbridge and the family hope to continue in that tradition. Or it could be that there is a really strong connection when visiting a school. There are many routes to the best possible outcome and no one route is best.

‘We start a long journey with parents in the Pre-Prep at 4+ and it is very satisfying to see them leave us with so many wonderful memories but full of excitement for the challenge ahead.’