Literacy Week at Eaton House Belgravia

Posted: 16th March 2023

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This year Eaton House Belgravia celebrated Literacy Week with an exciting range of activities and visitors. The week began with the Scholastic Book Fair, which gave the children the opportunity to buy books during the school day, with all money raised going towards purchasing more books for the class libraries.

On the Wednesday, Eaton House Belgravia welcomed two very special guests, author Lou Kuenzler and storyteller Giles Abbot. Both spent the day visiting classrooms, keeping pupils and staff alike on the edge of their seats. Giles, an award-winning storyteller and experienced vocal coach, told the boys a multitude of stories, plucking each exotic tale from his memory. A personal favourite of ours was a story told to the Year 3 boys, set in South America, about a mischievous rabbit who got through life by tricking and deceiving his uncle coyote, until his ploys backfired. Despite not having told this tale for several years, Giles sent the boys into hysterics with his voice acting and animated storytelling. Meanwhile, the story taught the boys valuable lessons about honesty and loyalty.

Lou Kuenzler read from a number of her colourfully illustrated books to each of the year groups over the course of two days, including Calm Down Zebra, My Family and Other Ghosts and My Digger is Bigger. Year 1 were particularly absorbed by The Robber Raccoon and her eco friendly antics, provoking much discussion about the three Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle! The boys’ engagement with Lou was fantastic to see, highlighting just how important books are in prompting wider thinking.

Thursday marked World Book Day, and the costumes on show at Eaton House Belgravia did not disappoint. The boys dressed as their favourite book characters, with London local Paddington Bear emerging as one of the most popular picks. As well as our delightful Paddingtons, we saw a wide range of costumes, from Willy Wonka to The Cat In The Hat. A great amount of effort went into costumes throughout the school – why not check out some of our favourites on our Instagram page, @eatonhouseschools.belgravia!

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